Planning, Research & Statistics Department

The National Gender Databank
The persistent inability to generate, store and access gender specific data caused the need for the establishment of a National Gender Data Bank (NGDB) as a means to pool and harmonize data sources into a one stop referral point. The National Gender Data Bank (NGDB) is proposed as a mechanism to be used in engendering informed decisions by, especially government officials and the private sector regarding development issues in Nigeria; both at the States and the Federal level. It is expected that every sector and every stakeholder would consult the relevant portions of the National Gender Data Bank before taking any major decision affecting the country’s well being.

The National Gender Data Bank project commenced in 2006 with the support of UNICEF and MDG Office.

STATUS: The Centre is presently working assiduously to populate the Data Bank. A data review exercise to determine the baseline of gender disaggregated data available within the Nigerian statistical system has been completed and the report demonstrates that gender disaggregated statistics are not a mere collection of sex disaggregated data, but entail all efforts geared towards bringing to fore, the present gender relations in Nigeria. A total of ninety-seen tables and several figures containing disaggregated data have been captured in the report and presented as data to give/listing of gender data.

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